Photochemical machining


Photochemical machining is the technology used to obtain very precise machined or engraved metal parts. Photochemical machining has considerable advantages over other methods used in the market, such as mechanical milling, stamping, electroerosion or laser cutting.



Photochemical machining




Engraving and photochemical machining





Almost every type of metal can be machined
No burrs
High precision
No alterations in the chemical and physical properties of the metal
Unlimited design forms
The process can be used for metal sheets from 0.01mm to 2mm thickness
Production of loose parts (attache free)
The production of tools is fast and inexpensive
3 to 4 weeks delivery time for prototypes or new orders; in case of emergency, the delivery time can be within a week.


Technical specifications:

Photochemical machining process:

photochemical machining creations

An overview of the parts that can be produced with our skills.