In order to be able to deliver your order as quickly as possible, we have a large range of raw materials in stock.


Chemical machining and laser machining allow us to work on almost any type of metal, such as: copper and its alloys, nickel, titanium, stainless steel, molybdenum, tungsten, brass, as well as precious metals. We can also work on special alloys, such as Arcap, Phinox, Thermoperm, etc.


Our range of raw materials in stock with thicknesses ranging from 0.01 mm to 2 mm:



Ac 1.1274 CuBe 1/2 Laiton 1/2 dur
Ac 1.4310.4 CuBe dur Laiton dur
Ac 301 3/4 dur Cuivre Laiton poli
Ac 301 dur Cuivre 1/2 Laiton satiné
Ac 304 recuit Cuivre el. Molybdène
Ac 316L 3/4 dur Cuivre mou Mu-métal
Ac 316L dur CuNi Nickel
Ac 316L recuit CuSn 6 Nikrothal-80
Ac 316Ti 1.4571 CuSn 8 Nimmonic 90
Ac H1 dur Durimphy Notz 100
Ac H2 dur Durinox Notz 70
Ac inox 430 Durnico dur Polymon
Ac. 1.4034 dur Durnico mou Sandvik 20AP
Ac. 1.4034 mou Duroplan spéc. Sandwick 11R51
Ac. 1.4419 Hasberg Titane
AlMg3 Peraluman Hastelloy Toughmet 3TS08
Aluminium Inconel 600 Tungstène
Arcap AP1C Kanthal Zirconium