CMT Rickenbach is renowned for its expertise and more than 30 years of experience. Therefore it has attracted a lot of media attention. Here is a list of articles you can read about CMT Rickenbach.


Traitements de Surface en Microtechnique

Lecture during the SGO-SST technical day -19.05.2016


Des machines à café à la scie médicale

Article in the Impartial newspaper - 16.06.2016


Filigrane Implantate aus Titan

Article de Medezin & Technik -04.2016


Usinage photochimique

Article de Öberflaschen Polysurface- 09.2016


Microcity - Pole of innovations in Neuchâtel

Spot about microtechnics in region Neuchâtel- 11.2016


Tricoat Finishair

Meeting concerning the surface treatments- 05.2017


A new solution

Article on the Bulletin d'Information- 09.2018